HSU Authors Hall Author Submission Form

Please help us compile the bibliography of authors and their work to be included in the HSU Authors Hall and honored at the annual HSU Authors Celebration. Any member of the Humboldt State University community, including authors themselves, may submit the names of faculty, staff, students, and alumni using this form.  Eligible works are articles, books, book chapters, special issues of journals, substantive encyclopedia entries, poetry, musical compositions, audio recordings, film/video recordings, and art exhibition catalogs published in the previous year or earlier.  If you would like bypass this form and submit your list of publications or a CV, please send it to Cyril Oberlander.

We appreciate your support of building an outstanding collection.  Please consider donating your book, CD, or DVD to the HSU Authors Hall.  Digital contributions may also be possible, copyright permitting, to Humboldt Digital Scholar.

Contact the Dean's Office at (707) 826-3441 for more information.