Microform Collection and Services


The Library has a variety of information resources available in microfilm, microfiche, and ultrafiche format, including newspapers, periodical backfiles, and local collections of special interest. Records for these resources are available in the HSU Library Catalog. Microform call numbers include a prefix which denotes their format, for example, "MF" (for microfilm), "MC" (for microfiche), "ED" (for ERIC Document microfiche), and "Ultrafiche" (for ultrafiche).


Most microforms are housed in the Microform Collection in the north wing of the Library on the second floor, adjacent to the Media Resource Area. Some microforms are located in theĀ  Government Documents and Humboldt Room areas on the third floor. Consult the HSU Library Catalog and the Library Map for the exact location of the resource of interest.

Microform Services

Library users may view microforms free of charge. The Library provides appropriate viewing stations immediately adjacent to the location where the microform resources are housed.

For a nominal fee, printouts and digitized copies of microform resources can be produced using two micrographic scanner/printers that are located in the Microform Collection on the second floor.

Cost Information

Printouts can be made from microforms on a self-service basis at a cost of $.20 per page.

Microform images can be converted to an electronic image format at a cost of $.20 per page, using Adobe Acrobat software provided by the Library. Once digitized, an image can be saved on your flash memory device. Contact the staff at the Periodicals and Media Assistance Window for additional information.

For payment, the scanner/printers accept either an HSU ID card with value added to it, a University Center C-Card, or coins. The coinboxes do not provide change, so exact change is recommended. Change is available in the Library from a change machine located in the main stairwell on the second floor. In the Library, monetary value can be added to the HSU ID card or the C-Card using the Card Value Center machine located in the main stairwell on the second floor of the Library, or at the Library Cafe during open hours.

Help is Available

Personal assistance in the use of the Microform Collection and associated equipment is available at the Periodicals and Media Assistance Window on the second floor during normal weekday business hours; consult the Periodicals/Serials Unit web page for service hours.

Loan Periods

Microform materials circulate for the same length of time as their print counterparts. For example, a microfilm copy of a periodical circulates for same period as does a print periodical. Consult the Library Circulation Rules for additional information about loan periods.

For More Information

Contact the staff of the Periodicals Unit by telephone at (707) 826-3413, by email, or in person at the Periodicals and Media Assistance Window on the second floor of the Library.