Gamelan Gong Kebyar

The Humboldt State University Library is pleased to display Gamelan instruments on loan from Eugene Novotney and the Novotney Family Trust in Library 204, 2nd floor by the Media Collection.

Read Dr. Novotney's incredible story about Bringing the Sounds of Bali to HSU Campus and listen to the music below.

Wayan Gabeleran and Dr. Eugene Novotney
Wayne Gabeleran and Dr. Eugene Novotney

Listen to Gamelan Mitra Kusuma Live at the Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia on December 14, 2007:

from the Internet Archive

Creation of Handmade Instruments
by I. Made Gabeleran & Son
Bronze Keys - the creation Bronze Keys & Gongs
Instrument Frames - the creation Instrument Frames - handmade instrument frames
Instrument Frames Instruments arrive in Arcata
Instruments arrive in Arcata Complete instruments