June 2017

Recognizing the importance of awareness and education on issues surrounding macro and microaggressions, explicit and unconscious bias, and culturally inclusive pedagogy the library and campus are offering these educational opportunities during the summer through L4HSU. Staff, students, faculty, and community members are all welcome to attend any of these free workshops. Watch for more details on events scheduled for the school year.

Exploring the Asian American Student Experience at Predominately White Institutions - 3 Part Series - We will be exploring the Asian American student experience at predominately-white institution. This three-part workshop will explore various aspects of Asian American identity to help participants develop cultural competency when working with Asian American students. Part 1 will explore the current and historical context and background of the Asian American experience in the United States, as well as, Asian American's in Higher Education.

Part 1, July 10, Noon-1pm with Roger Wang - Expore the current and historical context and background of the Asian American experience in the United States, as well as, Asian Americans in Higher Education.

Part 2, July 17, Noon-1pm with Roger Wang - Explore Jean Kim's Asian American Racial Identity Development (AARID) Model (2001) as one model/theory to understand Asian American experience in the United States. We will have a discussion/dialogue on how racial identity development occurs in a higher education setting and what participants can do to help students develop a health sense of self.

Part 3, July 24, Noon-1pm with Roger Wang - We will take what we have learned from part 1 and 2 and apply it to the needs of Humboldt State University. We will discuss intersectionality and how that impacts Asian American student experience. This session will be primarily discussion/dialogue based, focused on problem solving/strategies for student, staff, faculty advocacy.

Me & Whiteness; What's the Connection?, July 13, 11-Noon with Tracy Smith - This workshop will offer participants a chance to explore what people mean by the term "whiteness", how and why our society must commit to this exploration, and to review recommended writings addressing whiteness (please bring your own recommendations too!). All levels of familiarity with issues surrounding whiteness are welcome. This workshop is offered in the hopes it will contribute to meaningful dialogue around the role of whiteness and its impact on striving to create a more race-conscious campus community.

Microaggressions and Bystander Intervention - 2 Part Series

Microaggressions and Bystander Intervention - Part 1, July 19, Noon-1pm with Christine Mata and Roger Wang - We will be facilitating a session on microaggressions and bystander intervention and how it impacts our on and off campus community. Part 1 of this session will go over how microaggressions enforce modern systems of oppression and ways to address them.

Microaggressions and Bystander Intervention - Part 2, August 2, Noon-1pm with Christine Mata and Roger Wang - Part 2 of this session will go over how to be an active bystander and practice with scenarios.

Racial Battle Fatigue Webinar,  Shift Your Campus Culture to Better Support Students, Faculty & Staff of Color, July 26, 11am-12:30pm + 1/2 hr debrief - Students, faculty and staff members of color are counting on HSU to provide them with the support they need to avoid experiencing Racial Battle Fatigue. For many people of color, persistent and degrading racial microaggressions have taken a physical, psychological and emotional toll. Manifesting as fatigue, generalized anxiety, stress and a myriad of other ills, Racial Battle Fatigue is a very real problem for not only students at predominately white institutions, but for faculty and staff of color, as well. Join us with experts Dr. Kathy Obear and Dr. Tanya Williams and learn how to help shift the culture on your campus so you can better support racially marginalized groups and challenge racism on your campus.

Practice Makes Perfect; No More Silence, August 3, 1-2pm with Tracy Smith - There has been repeated calls for opportunities to build up our anti-racist vocabulary and skill development in the ability to interrupt micro and macroaggressions. Through small group and large group role plays as well as reviews of written scenarios, participants will have a chance to practice breaking the silence. We will provide a supportive, authentic, and brave space, which welcomes all levels of experience with interrupting the silence. We strongly recommend attendance at one or both of the Microaggressions and Bystander Intervention sessions (Part 1 and Part 2), because this session will not cover background information about micro and macroaggressions.
Wednesday, June 28, 2017 to Friday, August 11, 2017
Apply now to be a full-time, temporary librarian for the College of Professional Studies!  Work with a great group of librarians and staff at the bustling and innovative HSU Library. The first review of applications will be July 9, 2017.
Friday, June 23, 2017 to Friday, August 4, 2017

CSU library collections to be unified in new Discovery System: OneSearch
This summer, all 23 of the California State University (CSU) library collections will be integrated into new Library Discovery System called OneSearch. Migrating to OneSearch improves the interface and collection access to students, faculty, and staff. As a joint effort led by the CSU Council of Library Deans, the primary goal of this upgrade is to enrich the research experience of students while assisting faculty and staff in their scholarly and professional pursuits.
OneSearch features an intuitive, mobile-friendly interface that makes it easy to find, cite, save, and share books, ebooks, ejournals, articles, and streaming video from the CSU Libraries. OneSearch includes CSU+, a new book sharing system for the entire CSU. CSU+ service will begin later in July, using CSU+, students and faculty will have direct access to over 29 million books held by the CSU Libraries; they will be able to request a book from any other campus to be delivered to their home campus within 2-3 days. Gerry Hanley, assistant vice chancellor, Academic Technology Services for the CSU said, "Our big and important goal is to support equity across all campuses so all CSU students, faculty and staff have equally successful, innovative, and powerful library services for learning, teaching, and scholarly activities.”
For more information, please visit and the Humboldt State Now article: CSU Library Collections to be Unified in New Discovery System.
As we transition to a new library management system, you may notice a few changes to how you access our materials. HSU Library's legacy Voyager catalog will no longer be available early September. This means any permanent links to materials for your courses will no longer work. We encourage you to copy all citations for materials you want your students to use, so that they may find it later in our new catalog, OneSearch.
If you have any questions, please contact Jeremy Shellhase, the Project Manager via the Implementation Team email: or for by phone at 826-3144.
Friday, June 23, 2017 to Wednesday, August 30, 2017
The library is undergoing improvements through upgrading to a new library management system
Due to the transitions the following services will not be available on Monday June 19th, but all services are expected to resume Tuesday June 20th.
-updates of patron records and expiration dates
-new Community Internet User accounts
-new ID cards
Circulation of library materials will not be interrupted! Thank you for your patience during this upgrade.
Wednesday, June 14, 2017 to Monday, June 19, 2017

24/7 Service
Not sure how to cite a web resource at 2am? Need to find some peer-reviewed articles after the research help desk has closed? Use our 24/7 chat service!. You will get professional assistance with your question day or night.
Friday, August 25, 2017 to Wednesday, October 18, 2017

So many interesting offerings this summer through L4HSU!  The program runs through August 7th and new events are still being added.  Check out the calendar and register now to get a reminder!

World of Needlecraft (every Friday at noon in the Fishbowl)

Do more with Data: Explore the New World of Data Visualization (July 6, July 13, July 20, July 27)

Video Conferencing 101 & 102 (July 6, July 12)

Young Adult Book Circles - Social Justice in Young Adult Literature (July 6, July 13) 

Creating & Editing Video with Camtasia (July 10)

Exploring the Asian American Student Experience at Predominately White Institutions (July 10, July 17, July 24)

Film Screening - Wild Russian Animated Shorts (July 11, August 1)

Evolving Economic Models for Higher Ed (July 11)

Schedule Events with 25Live (July 12, August 7)

Me & Whiteness: What's the Connection (July 13)

NEWLY ADDED: Found and Recycled Art Creativity Session! (July 14)
And that's just for the first part of July!  Make sure to check out all the offerings for the rest of July and August, too!  There's something for everyone!
Thursday, June 1, 2017 to Monday, August 7, 2017